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  • Jessie Ferrer, Owner/StylistJessie Ferrer - Owner/Stylist

    I have over 13 years of experience. I started at Gene Juarez Academy. After I completed my 1800... (read more)

  • Veronica Pat, Owner/StylistVeronica Pat - Owner/Stylist

    Veronica is a Stylist at our salon.

  • Adee Celis, StylistAdee Celis - Stylist

    Adrienne Celis is an independent hair stylist currently working from Baroque Salon in Tacoma, Wa.... (read more)

  • Amanda Troger, StylistAmanda Troger - Stylist

    I began my journey at Gene Juarez Salon as a color specialist. After a great two years I... (read more)

  • Ashley Kendall, StylistAshley Kendall - Stylist

    With a love for people and creativity, I knew I had to do something with my life that would include... (read more)

  • Ashley Richards, StylistAshley Richards - Stylist

    I was 19 and attending college with aspirations of one day becoming a nurse, when I suddenly... (read more)

  • Crystal Di Tomassi, StylistCrystal Di Tomassi - Stylist

    Crystal has had a passion for hairstyling since she was a little girl, following her... (read more)

  • Gina Garner, StylistGina Garner - Stylist

    Since I can remember, I've always loved the salon experience and... (read more)

  • Haley Vandoren, StylistHaley Vandoren - Stylist

    I started my career at Gene Juarez Salon & Spa in Tacoma as color specialist and... (read more)

  • Jenette Hemming, StylistJenette Hemming - Stylist

    Making people beautiful is my passion. As a teenager I knew that hair was my love and obsession.... (read more)

  • Jill Ogden, StylistJill Ogden - Stylist

    Jill Ogden at Baroque Salon - HAIRPLAY BY JILL ... (read more)

  • Kelli Kurtz, StylistKelli Kurtz - Stylist

    If you know me at all you have probably heard me say, “I love my job!” at least a few... (read more)

  • Kimberly Garver, StylistKimberly Garver - Stylist

    I worked at Pepper's Salon for 10 years. I am an American Board Certified Haircolorist... (read more)

  • Mari Manley, StylistMari Manley - Stylist

    Ever since I was a child, I never even considered any career options other than becoming a... (read more)

  • Michelle Kimball, StylistMichelle Kimball - Stylist

    I have been a stylist for 13 years, 8 of which have been spent here at Baroque Salon. What I love... (read more)

  • Patricia  Rubke, StylistPatricia Rubke - Stylist

    Patricia is a Stylist at our salon.

  • Shannon Fowler, StylistShannon Fowler - Stylist

    Shannon is dedicated to providing guests with the highest standard of service and making your visit... (read more)

  • Rachel Coody - Stylist

    Rachel is a Stylist at our salon.

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